Polina Zavershinskaia (M.A.)

Doktorandin (doctoral student)

Institut für Politikwissenschaft (Institute of Political Science)

Universität Leipzig (University of Leipzig)




Forschung und Projekte

Derzeitige Position(en)

Promotionstudium an der Universität Leipzig (doctorate at the Leipzig University)

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

Dissertation: National Memory in Populism in Germany and Russia

Frühere Position(en)

Master of Arts: International Sociology "Studies in European Societies" (St. Petersburg State University - University of Bielefeld, University of Trier, Humboldt University of Berlin)
Bachelor of Arts: Cultural Studies "German Culture" (St. Petersburg State University, Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg)


Monographien (und Dissertation)

2018: Symbolization of "perpetration" and "victim" in the national memory of modern Germany; http://hdl.handle.net/11701/13959; St. Petersburg, Russia


2018: Scientific journal “Pskov Military-Historical Bulletin Scientific Almanac” No. 4; Article: Symbolic representations of female heroism in the war; ISSN 2413-8290. Pskov, Russia

2018: Proceedings of XXV International scientific conference for students and young scholars “Lomonosov”; Article: “National identity of unified Germany”; ISBN 978-5-317-05800-5. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Moscow, Russia

2018: Proceedings of Russian scientific conference for students “Science for young: challenges and perspectives”; Article: “Management of memory as resource of cultural policy (in the case of Germany)”; UDC 130.2. Russian Academy of National Economy. Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

2017: Scientific journal “Bulletin of PNRPU. Culture. History. Philosophy. Law” No. 3; Article: “Cinema «readings» of the Soviet era as projection of memoirs and oblivion of modern Russian society”. DOI 10.15593/perm.kipf/2017.3.02. Perm, Russia

2016: Proceedings of XV International scientific conference for students “Social
Spectrum”; Article: “Russia and Germany: experience of overcoming a cultural trauma”; UDC 316 (061.3). Russian State University of the Humanities. Moscow, Russia

2016: Proceedings of VI international scientific conference “Soviet culture in the context of global history”; Article: “Specificities of memoirs and oblivion of Soviet epoch in Russian cinema”; ISBN 978- 5-906-920-02-7. Baltic State Technical University. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2016: Proceedings of V International scientific conference for students “Scientific researches and projects of students”; Article: “Heroic representations “Nibelungenlied” in cultural memory of Germany”; ISBN 978-5-9500865-9-5. Chuvashian State University. Cheboksary, Russia

Forschungsinteressen und Arbeitsgebiete

Populism, Right Wing, Germany, Russia, National Memory, National Identity, Political Culture, Political Anthropology, Cultural Sociology (Populismus, Rechtsrichtung, Deutschland, Russland, Nationales Gedächtnis, Nationale Identität, Politische Kultur, Politische Anthropologie, Kultursoziologie)