Liza Weber (PhD)

Research Student

Centre for German-Jewish Studies

University of Sussex

Forschung und Projekte

Derzeitige Position(en)

PhD Student at the Centre for German Jewish Studies, University of Sussex.

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

Provisional title of PhD thesis:

'documenta and its Double: Germany's Myth of Modernism and its "Degenerate" Jew'


Monographien (und Dissertation)

'A Silent Restitution' dissertation at King's College London (KCL), under the supervision of Dr. Zoe Norridge.

'The Haptics of Holocaust Art Restitution' dissertation for the Association of Research into Crimes Against Art (ARCA), under the supervision of Dr. Tom Flynn.

'Pioneering Provenance' dissertation for the Royal College of Art (RCA), under the supervision of Jeremy Millar.


'A Case of Lost Art' in Honey, I'm Home published by the Critical Writing in Art & Design department of the Royal College of Art.

'The Stakes are in the Stroke: "Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project"' for Art Crime Blogspot:

'Kunsthal Rotterdam Art Theft: Paying for The Heist' for Art Crime Blogspot: