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„Doch guter Menschen Hauptbestreben ist, andern auch was abzugeben.“
(Wilhelm Busch, in: „Balduin Bählamm“)

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The Programming Historian was founded in 2008 by William J. Turkel and Alan MacEachern. It focused heavily on Python and was published open access as a Network in Canadian History & Environment (NiCHE) ‘Digital Infrastructure’ project. In 2012, The Programming Historian expanded its editorial team and launched as an open access peer reviewed scholarly journal of methodology for digital historians.

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The purpose of this website, Migrant Knowledge, is to foster and disseminate research at the nexus of migration and knowledge studies. Migrating people—social actors with agency—are the main focus. Thus “migrant knowledge.” At the same time, there is room for interesting work on knowledge about migrants, especially if such research helps us to understand migrant knowledge.

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Die Homepage des Staatsarchivs des Kantons Solothurn informiert über das Archiv und seine Arbeit. Die Seite enthält Informationen zur Wappen- und Familienforschung und eine Beständegliederung.

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The University of Zurich's Digital History Lab has launched a new podcast series in global history. 15past15 discusses how the past is made, and by whom, focusing in its first season on the making of history between East Asia and Europe.

15past15 can also be downloaded directly from iTunes:

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