History of Ancient Studies Network

"Given the fast growing number of projects and publications related to the History of Ancient Studies it is getting increasingly difficult to keep oneself up to date in a both highly interdisciplinary as well as international field of research. Therefore an informal yet permanent network for the exchange of information regarding disciplinary history of ancient studies has been established and hosted at the Institute for Classical Philology at the University of Wuerzburg under the designation “History of Ancient Studies (Network)” – “HAS”: The Network comprises disciplines under the German generic term: “Altertumswissenschaften”, including both archaeology, as well as philological disciplines and has three major components: 1) The HAS-mailing-list, in which everyone registered might easily receive as well as distribute any kind of information like publications, research-projects and conferences. Communications may be sent in English, French or German. Basic information as well as a register-form can be found under: 2) The HAS-bibliography, which aims to include any kind of publication – old or recent – dealing with the disciplinary history of ancient studies from the early modern times (17th and 18th centuries) up to the present. The basis for that bibliography derives from a recently concluded “Introduction to the History of Egyptology”. All members of the network are invited to further contribute to and broaden the scope of the bibliography. 3) The HAS-list of ongoing projects, links to related webpages, online-archives and the like, to be presented on the HAS-homepage. We welcome and encourage suggestions und criticism regarding the concept or infrastructure of the project and would gladly consider any kind of cooperation suggested.




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Thomas Meyer
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