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Judaica Europeana - Jewish contribution to Europe's cultural heritage


Judaica Europeana

"Judaica Europeana will identify and digitize Jewish content for Europeana with a projected contribution of several million pages and thousands of other items. The project’s main goals are: Documentation of Jewish expression in Europe: Encourage and support content holders in identifying Jewish content in their collections that reflect the activities, creativity and self-expression of Jews in European cities; to be integrated in Europeana under the theme of Cities. Digitisation and aggregation of this content into a coherent thematic collection to be incorporated into Europeana. Coordination of standards across institutions in order to synchronise the metadata with the interoperability requirements of Europeana. Deployment of knowledge management tools to enable communities of practice to adapt, and apply controlled vocabularies, thesauri and ontologies for the indexing, retrieval and re-use of the aggregated content pertinent to their own areas of interest. Support the use of the digitised content in scholarship and academic research; university-based teaching; online teaching and learning; museum curatorship and virtual exhibitions; events and initiatives of cultural institutions in European cities; cultural tourism; visual arts, music and multimedia development; formal and informal education."
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