Dr. Sophie Schasiepen


Department of Historical Studies

University of the Western Cape


Cape Town


Forschung und Projekte

Derzeitige Position(en)

I currently work as postdoc in the 'Reconnecting 'Objects': Epistemic Plurality and Transformative Practices in and beyond Museums' project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. I am also the coordinator and researcher for the 'Action for Restitution to Africa' project, funded by the Open Society Foundations, at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of the Western Cape.


Monographien (und Dissertation)

Schasiepen, Hella Sophie Charlotte. 2021. “Southern African Human Remains as Property: Physical Anthropology and the Production of Racial Capital in Austria.” (Unpublished PhD Thesis). University of the Western Cape.


“Austria’s post-colonial present: Missing memorialization of colonial violence.” History and Anthropology (2023): 1-21. (https://doi.org/10.1080/02757206.2023.2248158)

„Die ‚Lehrmittelsammlung’ von Dr. Rudolf Pöch an der Universität Wien. Anthropologie, Forensik und Provenienz“, Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften, 1/2019, 15-27.