The Programming Historian

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Adam Crymble (English) / Maria José Afanador-Llach (Spanish) / Sofia Papastamkou (French) / et. al.

The Programming Historian was founded in 2008 by William J. Turkel and Alan MacEachern. It focused heavily on Python and was published open access as a Network in Canadian History & Environment (NiCHE) ‘Digital Infrastructure’ project. In 2012, The Programming Historian expanded its editorial team and launched as an open access peer reviewed scholarly journal of methodology for digital historians. In 2016 we added a Spanish Language sub-team to the initial English-language team and in 2017 started publishing translated lessons under the title The Programming Historian en español. In 2018 we hosted our first Spanish-language writing workshop, issued a call for new lessons in Spanish, and began to plan for translating lessons into English. In the same year we added a French language sub-team and will launch The Programming Historian en français in 2019.

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