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Joanne Anderson, David Beck, Beat Kümin, John Morgan and Don White

Warwick Network for Parish Research: Coventry, UK

"'My-Parish' is an exciting new online community and resource for everyone interested in parishes, from the Middle Ages to the modern day, in Britain, Europe and the Americas. The website brings together independent researchers, parish societies, academics, museum professionals, local heritage groups, clergy and parish members to share their passion for parish history, art, heritage and culture. Users can get a lot of information by simply visiting the site. However, by joining My-Parish, members will be able to create a profile that allows them to upload content such as images, videos and original research, create interest groups and participate in forums, promote new initiatives and projects, search for and connect with other My-Parish members, ask questions or offer advice. The site currently features podcasts and videos from the 2012 Warwick Symposium 'Parish Studies Today', a blog on Beat Kümin's research leave at Greifswald, and will soon host Don White’s database project on British medieval wood sculpture, 'Invisible Saints'."
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