Spain, The United States, & The American Frontier: Historias Paralelas

The Spain, United States, & the American Frontier: Historias Paralelas project represents progress toward the realization of a vision shared by leaders of esteemed cultural institutions in Spain and the United States. The fulfillment of this vision will result in a multimedia digital library portal which provides Internet access to the historical treasures of several institutions. [...] The site features maps, rare books, manuscripts, prints and photographs, and motion pictures from the Library of Congress. These selected items relate to Spanish influence and interaction with other cultures existing in the geographic areas of North America, the Caribbean, and present-day Mexico between 1492-1898. Bilingual, English/Spanish access is provided throughout the site whenever possible. An interface with search and browse by Subjects, Titles, Geographic Locations features, supports navigation to 118 maps, two rare books, and one book from the United States Congressional Serial Set. In addition, links are offered to eight relevant American Memory collections and three Exhibitions from the Library of Congress. The American Memory format emphasizes direct access to primary source materials via specialized search and browse list tools for each collection. The Exhibitions format features a blend of historical context and images of historical treasures which have been displayed at the Library of Congress. [self-description]
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