Benedetta Carnaghi (Master)

Ph.D. candidate in History


Cornell University

Forschung und Projekte

Aktuelle(s) Projekt(e)

Provisional title: “Lives Under Cover: Comparative History of Spies in the Italian OVRA and the German Gestapo, 1927-1945”
My current project is a comparative history of double agents in the Second World War. The purpose of this research project is to compare the activities of the OVRA, the Fascist secret police, and the Gestapo, its Nazi counterpart, during the Second World War. OVRA agents tracked down the so-called “subversives,” all opponents to the Fascist regime, who were registered with the “Casellario Politico Centrale,” an office of the general direction of the Italian Public Security. Gestapo agents infiltrated the Resistance networks in German-occupied countries and succeeded in arresting a large number of underground militants as well as the airmen and allied soldiers the Resistance fighters tried to hide.



⎯ Silvio Trentin e il contributo della Resistenza al progetto di costruzione europea (“Silvio Trentin and the contribution of the Resistance to the European Union project”) in Fulvio Cortese (ed.). Liberare e Federare: l'eredità intellettuale di Silvio Trentin (“Liberate and Federate: The intellectual heritage of Silvio Trentin”). Florence: Firenze University Press, 2016: 241-252.
⎯ Virginia d’Albert-Lake, une américaine dans la Résistance. Aspects internationaux et rôle des femmes dans les réseaux (“Virginia d’Albert-Lake, an American in the Resistance. International aspects and women’s role in the networks”). Bulletin de l'Institut Pierre Renouvin 1/ 2014 (N° 39): 113-127.
⎯ Silvio Trentin, un fédéraliste en guerre contre le fascisme (“Silvio Trentin, a federalist at war with fascism”). Bulletin de l'Institut Pierre Renouvin 1/ 2013 (N° 37): 121-132.
⎯ Argante Bocchio. Una storia del Novecento (“Argante Bocchio. A story of the Twentieth Century”). l'impegno, year XXXI, new series, n. 2, December 2011: 43-65.

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I study modern European history with a particular focus on Italy, France, and Germany. My research currently focuses on a comparison between the Fascist and Nazi secret police. Related interests include the history of Resistance, the Holocaust, gender studies, political violence, and terror.