Stasis – Avenues to Ancient Civil War


Henning Börm
Hannah Cornwell
Carsten Hjort Lange
Johannes Wienand (editor-in-chief)

Stasis – Avenues to Ancient Civil War is an academic blog on polarization, internal conflict, and reconciliation in antiquity. Internal conflict has shaped the course of civilizations, and studying this multifaceted phenomenon offers invaluable insight into the cohesive forces and disintegrative potentials of human culture. Yet our understanding of how polarization, violent disintegration, and reconciliation transformed the ancient world remains limited to date. Against this backdrop, this blog – and a new book series Studies in Ancient Civil War (StACW) to which it is related – provide unique and timely academic fora for exploring the processes and implications of civil war in antiquity, from factionalization and destructive internal strife to reintegration and reconstruction.

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Johannes Wienand
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