Studies on National Movements

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National movements & Intermediary Structures in Europe: Antwerpen, BL

Since 2008, NISE (National movements and Intermediary Structures in Europe) furthers the comparative and transnational study of national movements. The platform, a cooperation of academics and research and heritage organisations, collects, checks and structures data about the intermediary structures of national movements in Europe. A database and publications make these data, gathered as a result of projects, unilateral input and links with other databases, publicly available. With the first volume of Studies on National Movements, NISE has received its own journal. SNM wants to stimulate the historical research of national movements in Europe and, subsequently, theory formation regarding nationalism. The journal focuses on comparative, transnational and transfer studies, with special attention to non-English language theoretical works and case studies, as well as to heuristic and archival matters. In its three sections (articles / sources / reviews) SNM upholds a multidisciplinary approach and offers building stones for future research. The peer-reviewed SNM is freely available upon registration at The reliable and comprehensive OJS environment (Open Journal Systems) grants high levels of accessibility and editorial independence. A discussion platform for every article allows readers to engage in debates. NISE invites everyone interested in the study of nationalism to read SNM’s first issue, and encourages scholars to submit articles contributing to a comparative historiography of national and regional movements in Europe.




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Thomas Meyer
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