Online Medieval Sources Bibliography


Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University: Fordham, US

"This database provides a searchable bibliography of texts—from private letters, wills, and household accounts to literary works, philosophical treatises, chronicles, court proceedings, church records, and a host of other documents—that were written in the Middle Ages and are now available in printed or online editions and translations. The aim is to provide annotated entries that include information on the genre, contents, archival reference and original language of the text, as well as whether the publication includes a translation, introduction, appendices, glossary, and index. Where appropriate, the bibliography also includes hyperlinks to sources that are online. The database is currently weighted towards primary sources relating to England, France, and Ireland, but we are now adding more materials for other European countries. The primary sources included here date primarily from the period between roughly 300 and 1500, although there are sources that date from before and after these years."
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